Rewire Security – Do They Do Exactly What They Advertise?

We as a transport company needed a comprehensive solution to track our workers on the road. We struggled a lot and tried lots of different products, but all went in vain. Our hunt of finding a reliable tracking system wouldn’t have stopped if we weren’t referred to Rewire Security by one of our business partners.

We were quite skeptical before trying them because we had already tried lots of devices. So finally, we decided to give a little chance to Rewire Security. After availing their services, we were quite happy with the results, everything was superbly managed to give the ultimate tracking. They were quite lenient towards listening to our requirements and suggested us the best possible options.


We were advised to invest in their fleet tracking system to keep tabs on our vehicles and workers on the roads. Really, we were quite excited to try this new, innovative technology. The results were just awesome and we were feeling like we’ve got the best solution we were looking for.

With the latest technology from Rewire Security, you can track people, assets and vehicles in real time, no matter where they are. From a single vehicle to an entire fleet, their technology can spot everything. Furthermore, they offer a free lifetime technical support and have the best customer service support staff that never gets bored listening to your queries.

From fleet tracking, vehicle security and GPS tracking to body worn cameras and security system, the offer all-inclusive tracking system at an affordable price you can’t resist.

Here’s what they have to say about its services;

‘’At Rewire Security we specialise in cutting edge innovative, cost effective GPS tracking, Body worn Cameras & Vehicle DVR CCTV Systems. Our solutions can be tailor made to suit individual private users, small, medium or large businesses and organisations.’’

Lastly, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rewire Security to anyone wanting to have a complete, reliable tracking system.