6 Tips For Providing Better IT Support

Cornerstone for a successful IT support is communication.

If your task is to provide IT support to your customers – and it does not matter whether it is your colleagues’ business division, or provide support to your customers as an IT service provider, we’ve some recommendations on how to provide better IT support.


  1. Sharing information with the first customer

What to share? How often to share? Is it better to email, call, or to meet in person? Every customer expects and requires a different level of information. It is necessary to correctly predict customer. Answers to the questions are different for each customer. But it is important that the customer believe in what you do in his best interest.

  1. Each customer contact is important

Do not underestimate any form of communication with the customer? Any member of IT support team that comes into contact with the customer must know the rules for e-mail and telephone communications.

  1. Improve information sharing process in the team

Malfunctioning transfer of information and knowledge is considered one of the most important conditions for the successful provision of support. Not only that there should be a transfer and storage of information, but also strengthen of mutual cooperation as a team, which is invaluable for example in detecting the cause of the problem.

  1. Understand your team what you want from them?

Most managers know what he wants from his people. Just do not bother to tell them in a way that would understand. When setting goals, you need to make sure they were understood by all parties that everyone knew how good performance looks like and for what they are responsible.

  1. Have options to acquire knowledge and use in practice.

The IT world is changing at such a rate that a company must allow its employees to get new informations balancing on the thin line. Offer regular training visits, conferences or workshops to employees.