Swimming pool is a place filled with cold water where you mostly relax and chill specially in summer and do many other activities. But covering the pool when it is not in use is the most important mean of reducing pool heating cost, you can reduce this cost by using solar pool covers. Solar pool covers are often transparent and some are covered with plastic bubble system underneath which collects solar energy which is the heat from sun during the daylight hours. It not only sustaining solar the pool’s warmth but also helps to heat up the pool as well, solar pool covers works better in the warmer climate areas. Solar swimming pool covers are not only save on energy costs but helps to protect family and your investment which extend the season of swimming.


There are many types of solar covers which differs from size, sizing a solar swimming pool heating system involves many factors including pool size, length of swimming pool, regional temperature, required pool temperature, solar resources, collector orientation and tilt and a collector efficiency. The surface area of solar pool cover is 50% of surface area of pool, you may need to increase ratio between surfaces of pool and cover in winter or in colder regions. When pool is not in use it loses heat and energy through exposure, the wind cools the pool and sun evaporates a lot of water and drops the temperature during night.

Solar pool covers helps in reducing the cost of heating because the water loses heat quickly and that means it needs to heat again which takes more energy to warm it back, it is simply like that you did not close the window in winter and the heat is running out and mostly the outdoor air wins out. Any pool cover is able to trap in heat but solar pool covers are specially designed for keeping the pool warm.