Know the Key Factors of Cloud Computing That Are Hindering Its Growth

Cloud computing is a hot topic in the information technology discussions, and the most people agree that the cloud computing is the future of computing. But if cloud computing is so great, why not all organizations have shifted their IT infrastructure to the cloud? Let us know the key factors of cloud computing that are hindering its growth.

Security Issues

Security is one of the most important concerns of individuals and organizations when considering cloud solutions. It is often said that no system is completely secure, and IT professionals happen to agree. Progress in the security aspects of the cloud computing will certainly help it grow at an ever-increasing pace.


There is often an inverse relationship between privacy and personalization. Cloud computing has certain issues regarding privacy. People do not feel comfortable storing their private information on the cloud where it is possible for others to see it. Advancements and adoption of encryption technologies will help address this issue.


Many cloud computing companies consider compliance issues as a hindrance to the cloud computing growth. But compliance requirements have a positive aspect as well. It makes cloud computing a trustworthy option for its users. The only thing we need to do is to keep the compliance requirements meaningful and relevant.


Some people have still not grasped the value of integrated cloud solutions. Customer fear of interoperability is decreasing. With 45% of the users fearing interoperability issues, it is still a major issue that needs to be addressed.


It seems ridiculous, but many of the buyers of cloud computing fear lock-in, and regard it as a hindrance to cloud adoption.


Network bandwidths have seen a gigantic increase in the past decade. However, cloud computing requires new levels of bandwidth. Considering the past improvements in bandwidth, we can be confident that bandwidth will keep up with the increased adoption of cloud computing.