Mobile Tracker for Android

The mobile phones were invented in order to facilitate the customers to communicate with each other from the desired location without any hurdles. However, this gadget results in the exponential increase of street crimes.  To tackle the situation and threat of mobile phone getting lost Apple introduced a program named “Find my iPhone.” The program was a great success as it automatically sends the last location of the user to Apple. Besides this, the device can be locked by the user at the instant he lost his device and it will be of no use. No data can be concealed from it or no one can utilize it for communication person. However, the problem and threat of being stolen reside with the android devices due to multiple manufacturers and ease of availability of these devices.


To deal with the situation several apps are being developed specifically for the android users to avoid stealing of these devices. These apps work like a mobile tracker for android. Like every tracker, it this mobile tracker saves the location of the user utilizing Global positioning system (GPS). Thus a phone can be tracked. In addition to this, some upgraded mobile trackers are programmed to sense the change of sim cards if the sim is not recognized, the app starts to send SMS related to the change of sim card and the location of the mobile phone to the registered sim card. the security of these apps can be enhanced by adding various other features like getting the IMEI number and the details of the newly installed sim. Though the mobile trackers are in the testing face yet they are capable of providing an effective solution to tackle with mobile phone thefts and other similar problems. by using such a system the mobile phone user will be secure from certain cyber crimes and vulnerable threats.