How we Built Facebook Lite for Every Android Phone and Network

Facebook lite was for the first time used in 2015 since then its number of users has increased exponentially. The spread of the app was so abrupt that it had hit about 100 million active users each month. The app was launched in about 150 countries while the most number of users for the app reside in Brazil. After Brazil comes users from India, Indonesia, Mexico, and Philippines. The reason for the spread and worldwide use of the app lies in its small size that helps it being data efficient as most people prefer data connection rather than Wi-Fi connectivity.


The app is less than 1MB in size, which is quite astonishing for the app of such kind. In order to work efficiently, the app did not support videos and promote to install Facebook messenger separately. Since the launch of this app, the firmware for the app is updated to support multiple platforms including Android, iOS, and Symbian mobile phones. The new features added in the app include multiple photos uploading facility, zoom the photos and some updated versions are supporting lower resolution videos.

The app developers are planned to add all new “play later” feature. This feature allows the user to download the shared videos and they can later view these videos from their gallery. the app was developed taking the thing into account that it should consume lesser data and can work on every platform either it is a small Symbian cell phone or the most advanced smart phone. The objective is to keep it simple not to add all the features of the original Facebook app. Otherwise, both of the apps will merge and there will be no worth of calling it a “lite version” as its objective is to keep it simple.