First of all, let’s start with a brief introduction of the word IMEI. For those of you who never know what this word stands for here is a quick explanation: IMEI means International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. So, your piece of equipment, which happens to be your mobile phone handset, is identified by these fifteen numbers that are representing the IMEI Number.

When your mobile phone is locked its identity, or its IMEI number is registered in the carrier’s database as such. When the time is up, i.e. when the contract you signed with the carrier is over they remove your IMEI Number from that database and use it to deactivate the SIM lock on your device.


The IMEI Number contains a lot more details than just the SIM lock- status. These details can be used to track down the activities performed by your equipment, when was it produced and a lot more.

So, if you’re contemplating on the IMEI-Check subject I cannot blame you. There are so many reasons why you should want to do this.

One of the main reasons most people decide to go through with the IMEI Check process is the SIM lock deactivation. This small Check will make a big difference to you and you will be able to recognize the positive effects of the IMEI Check almost immediately. When the IMEI Check is done you can instantly use any SIM card from any carrier in and outside your country. This gives you a lot freedom and thousands of mobile plans to explore.

The positive side of the SIM unlocked mobile phone device is known to us all, so we will wrap this thing up momentarily and will move on to the part when you will be able to discover just how to do it.

What needs to be done for the Check of the IMEI to take place?

First of all you need to find the right software application tool for that. This problem is instantly solved with the IMEI Blacklist Checker. You can download the app for free from your computer, laptop or tablet whenever you want. Right now would be a great timing if you want to Check your IMEI as soon as possible.

What happens next?

The proceeding steps of the IMEI changing operation would be to discover the current IMEI of your mobile phone, i.e. the IMEI you wish to Check. If you don’t keep the packaging box, or the contract, where the IMEI is inevitable stated, you can dial *#60* from your mobile phone and the IMEI will flash on your handset’s screen. Write this number down.

Next, find your USB cable and connect your mobile phone to the computer where the IMEI Blacklist Checker was installed.

When the device is recognized, open the IMEI Blacklist Checker by double clicking on it.

Select the brand and model of your device from the offered options a fill in the fields labeled with IMEI number and email address.

Click on the option that is marked as “Check IMEI” and wait for your new IMEI Number to be delivered to you on the email address you entered in the IMEI Blacklist Checker before.

When you receive the email, which is the final stage of the IMEI changing procedure and a clear sign that the IMEI Check went successfully.