Meet the New Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Code Generator Application Tool

The trouble with all the SIM locked mobile phone devices is that they can only use the services of one mobile phone operator. This, in the long run, which is normally two years, can turn to be quite annoying especially for people who have different work schedules and travel a lot. When the mobile phone doesn’t have this SIM lock software activated the user can insert a SIM card issued by any mobile phone operator in and outside the country they live in.

This means that with a SIM unlocked handset you can avoid the roaming fees and you can use as many different SIM cards as you need.

But the real question here is, how does the unlock work?

Since the SIM lock is a software that is activated by the carriers it can be deactivated in the same way too.

 In order to unlock any SIM locked mobile phone device the carriers use an unlock code. The only thing you need to do is to get that code and you will have an unrestricted mobile phone device which you can use literally everywhere.


Since the carriers will not just hand you over the SIM unlock you will have to find a way to obtain it.

The solution that is offered here is targeted to all Samsung Galaxy S7 users. For that purpose they would have to get the free Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Code Generator Application Tool and work their way of unlocking their device from that point on.

The instructions about using this tool will be in the following section, but before you read them you should also know a thing or two about how does the Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Code Generator Application Tool function.

This software application tool needs some details to work with before it can provide the unlock code for your Samsung Galaxy S7 device. These details would be the name of the carrier and the country of purchase. Surely you know where you bought the device from so that shouldn’t pose as a problem for you. The other very important detail is the imei code of your Samsung Galaxy S7. The imei is not always easy to find and it is even harder to remember because it is a large code. However, you can use the *#60# buttons of your phone to track the IMEI code you need for this operation.


Now I think you are ready to read about the step-by-step instructions for using the Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Code Generator Application Tool correctly.

  1. This is the most obvious step: download and install the Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Code Generator Application Tool.
  2. You don’t have to connect your Samsung Galaxy S7 to your computer to get the tool started. All you have to do is open it and write down the name of the country and carrier where the Samsung Galaxy S7 was purchased as well as its IMEI code.
  3. Click “generate code” and wait for your code to be delivered to your email address.

With the code at your disposal you have everything you need to unlock your Samsung Galaxy S7 handset. Now, you should turn off your handset insert a different SIM card and turn it on again. Type in the code generated by the Unlock Samsung Galaxy S7 Code Generator Application Tool and you will have permanently SIM unlocked Samsung Galaxy S7 device for free.