Go For Application Security Testing Before Its Release

The last step before the release of a software is application security and testing. Where developers of the program are just concerned with proper coding, application security is the highest priority of security professionals. Security professionals are so concerned about application security because of the following reasons:-


  1. It helps in detecting the vulnerabilities which have been overlooked by the developers at the time of coding the program.
  2. Some minor application used for apparently inconsequential task can lead to a massive security breach are also detected in application security testing which might have been left unsolved in case of adhoc testing.
  3. Application security prevents your app from being hacked by the hackers. If your app is hacked and the hackers post something unofficial it can lead to loss of brand image, reputation as well as time in overcoming it.
  4. Unsecured apps can give a new room to the hackers.

Time is essence and no one has so much time to deal with all the problems after the release of the app. So it is preferable to get your app undergo application security to be free from vulnerabilities and run smoothly. There are 2 types of codes in a program- static codes and dynamic codes. Static code checker is a process to get your static codes checked.

Static analysis is the method of finding the bugs in a program by the computer system without actually running the program. You can easily get your static code review testing done with a reliable security check tool. Such tools help you with all your security needs. Their main aim is to get the developers and security professionals together so that they can work together and save time. And help the developers in getting all of their security testing done effortlessly at one place. The reasons for considering them are:-

  • It supports 20 coding and scripting languages.
  • It works in accordance with latest technologies
  • Identifies all kinds of known vulnerabilities
  • Addresses industry compliance regulations
  • Unique “best fix location” algorithm of CxSAST static code analysis fixes multiple errors at a single point.
  • No complex command lines
  • Static code analysis process results in reducing scanning time by more than 80%
  • Provides highly accurate results by adapting the rule set to your proprietary code and minimizing false positivity.

These tools allow you to do static code testing at one place which saves a lot of your time. Static testing, the method of software testing involves examination of all of the codes given by the programmer along with its documentation without actual execution of the program. Static code testing can be conducted either manually or with the help of different static code testing tools. The different static testing tools have an important role in the objective of static testing as each of them helps in finding different kinds of errors. They not only detect pre-defined errors but also the new ones.