Want to buy a Hoverboard read these Common FAQs

What is a hoverboard and how it works?

You might have used the skateboard that is a traditional riding equipment for teenagers. However, a hoverboard is more fun than a skateboard. The technical name of this riding machine is ‘self-balancing scooter.’ You just need to keep yourself balanced to go straight and use subtle movements using your legs and move in any direction.

To get moving, just step on the hoverboard, and the two pressure-sensitive footpads allow you to control the speed and movement with your feet. Since there’s no handle to control so, the balance would be not a child’s play. You would need practice before you get started.

In the beginning, it would be hard for you to stay on the hoverboard, however, once you get a master in riding you can move seamlessly without stopping and turn it with ease. There are no manual options to operate a hoverboard. You can pick up speed up to 10 miles per hour, which is a bit faster than walking.


Do hoverboards still catch fire?

Initially, hoverboard was introduced in 2015, and there were a lot of complaints reported about exploding and combusting. These damages happen because of bad electronic and faulty batteries. Hoverboards are powered by batteries that are made of lithium ion that got explode when it got overhead but under rare situations.

Last year, Consumer Product Safety Commission investigated all companies’ hoverboards and recommended to get all hoverboard “certified UL 2272 compliant” after that the complaint regarding hoverboards got less.

However, there are many people who bought the hoverboards from third-party sellers that were ended up with entirely made fake. When it comes to purchasing of a hoverboard, you must consider to buy it from the trusted seller. To get the best quality hoverboard, you can directly go to the Canadian manufacturer’s website.