Tips to Get Your Article off the Ground

In the software development community, it is common to write articles and for that we have our own blogs or even write for some technology portal. This is very important to convey what we know, whether it is little or a lot, and it also helps us to establish knowledge.

Tips to Get Your Article off the Ground

Many people feel like writing, but think they have no idea how to do it or even are afraid of doing something wrong due to lack of practice. This is extremely normal. In this article, I will try to convey a little of what I have learned so that you will feel the courage to get your articles out of the paper / head / draft.

I will try to give you a good basis for you to lose your fear or to structure the articles in a way that you feel confident in what is doing.

Even with these tips you will still receive feedback on improvements after your articles are published and that’s a good thing!

It all starts in the draft permalink

Writing articles is similar to creating software: you draw a model on paper, model it logically, write the code and then refactor. – At least, if we do it, it gets easier.

If you follow this same development model when writing your articles, then everything will be easier!

A good draft can start on paper, in a Google Docs or any medium where you can gather your ideas.

What I do is use brainstorm techniques and mind maps: I write in a document on Google Docs several keywords about a subject that I want to talk about and then I connect those words in list format. This list serves as topics and sub-topics that must be written in the article. To write a long article, you may also need to rewrite a text online.