Prisma App Review

Though for the years several photo enhancing tools were developed for the mobile phone users each containing some different perks. By utilizing some of these available apps one can enhance the looks, skin tone and features it possesses. However, with the introduction of Instagram the usage of such apps were greatly reduced due to the pre-defined filters and photo editing schemes provides by the app itself. These filters are quite scenic and provide natural life to the photos.


These days a new photo modifying app for iOS system is introduced in named as Prisma. The app has a tendency to provide a cartoonish look by utilizing the painting concepts used by the several notable artists. This latest photo enhancing app is developed by the Russians and it has a bit of artificial intelligence for modifying the photo. It applies the looks of great master painters like Picasso, Mondrian, Munch and Van Gogh. The app utilizes a cloud server for accessing the predefined editing schemes that make it a bit slow but the result is worth waiting for.

The thing to be considered at this moment is that the great app is still in its early stages deeming several updates, enhancements, and improvements to cope up with the situation and usage of the app. At the moment some tradeoff are made for the smooth processing of the app like Prisma lacks slideshow at the moment or it may sometimes lag giving a server error.There are several interesting things associated with Prisma like it can be downloaded as a free item from the iTunes store.

If you want an artwork of your very own photo all you have to do is to visit iTunes Store from you iPhone and get the app for free. Then you can click as many photos as you want. The interesting thing regarding Prisma is that it is also available for the android users. So you now don’t need to borrow an iPhone from your friend to make an artwork.