My Client Billing Struggle is now a Distant Memory

Every day people start their own businesses; running start-ups from spare bedrooms or the kitchen table. This was me not so long ago. I instantly faced challenges I didn’t know existed. I struggled with staying focused and accounting for the time I was spending on work for my clients. I tried using spreadsheets and stopwatch apps, but it was too time consuming and confusing. I am happy to say that I have now discovered the Alpaka Punch app.

Thankfully I am now having more success managing my time. Billing clients for tasks is now so much more straight forward and so quick I really can focus more time and energy on my ‘job’.  I am sure every business owner or freelancer would benefit from using an app like this. What you are timing or why you are timing it is irrelevant –  if you want track time spent on tasks, the Alpaka Punch app is perfect for you.


Time sheets made easy:

I am the sole user of the Alpaka Punch app for my business. If I employ more members of staff I can set the app so that I get full admin control over all the timers. Additional users can be added to the team and their hours timed can be added to timesheets.

The Alpaka Punch app is free in the app stores. However, the online version requires a subscription for each member of staff. With the online version you can edit and merge timers, link them to accounts and use the timer information to generate timesheets with ease. The free trial is a great way of trying the app out and seeing if it will benefit your business and employees. I am 1 week into my free trial and I been able to log my billable time much more efficiently and quickly that it is saving me bags of time and it is enabling me to charge my clients more accurately. I am very happy with Alpaka Punch!