Is Communication Security An Issue? Your Personal Data Might Be Exposed

The internet is not exactly a safe place for information. The world wide web is a vast, diverse and complicated ocean of data and users, where there are all sorts of sharks swimming around, ready to prey on unsecured information or sneak in to eavesdrop on private communications. Sending emails, typing notes or exchanging conversations via messaging apps or web chats is something most people do on a daily basis, but there is really no way to know if anybody might be lurking in, ready to take a peak into user’s personal lives.

Most people from all over the world are very accustomed to using computer or smartphone apps for such purposes. Users take advantage of different apps and websites on a daily basis. A lot of folks out there have accounts on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and millions upon millions of people chat with friends and family using apps such as SnapChat, WhatsApp or Viber.


Often, users of these platforms are perfectly willing and happy to share personal information through these services, anything from personal details to private conversations, phone numbers and event finical details (such as credit card numbers, which some people unwisely share through chat or messages!)

Major tech companies such as Google, Facebook, Twitter or even Samsung, WhatsApp or Gmail, just to mention a few, struggle with communication security breaches on a daily basis. Many of these companies are reportedly trying to add security measures to their messaging apps, although it might be too expensive and too far in the future, for them to be able to implement really effective security in their messaging systems, leaving millions upon millions of users vulnerable to information threats. In some cases, information breach led these companies to lose millions of dollars in lawsuits or even face jail time in some cases.

The reality is that there is not really much these companies can do once your information leaves your device. Without proper safety precautions, people’s data are out there, up for grabs at the mercy of some invasive advertiser, or worse!

There is also another thing to consider carefully: threats to your privacy might not only come from malicious third parties, but also from the very same companies and providers that you are hopefully relying on. Some companies might indeed share or sell your information behind your back. It is important to understand that information and user data are an incredibly huge asset for this companies because advertisers would pay very generous sums of money to “get in the mind” of people and adverse products or services to them. For example, recently WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, made headlines for reportedly sharing user information with Facebook, to be used for ad targeting purposes. Essentially, these people are looking at what users talk about, what their interests are, so later they can send them ads that they think they might respond positively to.

People are becoming increasingly more aware and concerned about their own privacy, as they are starting to finally realize that they probably do not really have the degree of control over their personal data that they were hoping for.

This is one of the many reasons why the demand for secure communication solutions is rapidly on the increase, leading to new technologies being developed and new approaches to cyber security.

There are indeed many new products that have been created to answer the increasing need for privacy and safe communication and more importantly, in an effort to reduce the risk of personal data theft and increase information security. Some of these products are very effective and are readily available for users.

A great example is CipherBoard, a special keyboard that actually works by allowing users to send encrypted messages, which will effectively protect their content. If you are not familiar with what an “encryption” is, let us give you some information about it. Essentially, an encryption is the process of converting information or data into a code, which is meant to prevent unauthorized people from accessing your information. To make it even more simple, think of children speaking “pig latin” – that is a made-up language that many children use to talk without being understood by parents or other kids. Pig Latin is, essentially, a rough encryption, that allows kids to speak safely!

CipherBoard works in a similar way, only it is far more advanced and easier to use than pig latin. Users worldwide can simply install this keyboard and use it with any app they normally use, without the need to upgrade or modify anything else.

Thankfully, new products and technologies like this one can come to the rescue and solve the problem in ways that are easy to integrate and use, even for people who don’t really have any previous IT experience. iT is very true that cyber security is a bigger issue than ever before, but it is also true, thankfully, that developers are making very big steps forward in order to combat the loss of private information, and finally give people what they deserve: control on their privacy!