How to Stretch Aluminum from the Hookah with Excellence

Hookah aluminum needs to be handled perfectly for a good smoking experience. It takes a lot of practice, of course, and you need to be aware of some things besides that.

But don’t worry, today we try to simplify everything for you!

Attention to the types of bowl

The Bowl is the famous “Furnace” and is one of the most important parts of your Herbal Toronto hookah. This is where the tobacco goes and, on top of that, the burning charcoal.

How to Stretch Aluminum from the Hookah with Excellence

Now think with us: where will this coal rest? That’s right, on top of the aluminum that will wrap part of the bowl.

For this reason, it is interesting that you evaluate your bowl model to find out how to drill the aluminum.

When it comes to a perfect MOB Hookah Toronto session, every detail influences the next. So know the types of bowl and know which one is right for you, so you will know the perfect hole to make in aluminum.

Hole also counts

As we mentioned above, each bowl defines a hole type.

In a traditional bowl, for example, you will make few holes in the center of the aluminum. In the bowl clay, it is interesting to find more holes in the aluminum periphery, circling and drilling until it reaches the center and covers the full length of the aluminum foil.

In addition, it is important to be aware of the number of holes: it will define a long, smoke-free session or a short-lived session with a lot of smoke.

Aluminum Hookah

Before we can definitely explain the proper model of stretching aluminum in your online Hookah Toronto, we need to clarify some important things.

Do not use traditional aluminum foil used in the kitchen. It may seem obvious, but there are people who can look for traditional material because they are the same product, regardless of the big differences.

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