How to Setup Your Hookah

Are you new to setting up hookah or shisha? You have come to the right place. It’s very easy to set up your hookah; all you need is to make sure you’ve all the parts. You can watch videos online or go through blogs explaining how to setup hookah. The following steps will certainly help you set up a hookah:

  • The first step is to keep the hookah stem in glass vase. You need to make sure it’s airtight.
  • Now put Metal Tray on the stem of hookah. Some hookah models also come with fixed trays. So, you need to see if your model has the option for metal tray.
  • Put hose end along with hose gasket into hose port situated on hookah stem.
  • If your hookah has an air release valve, be sure to unscrew it to ensure there’s a ball bearing inside. Now screw the valve which is usually positioned on the stem of hookah, opposite the hose port.
  • Put your hand on the top of hookah stem and suck in using the hose to check the air flow. You need to ensure the air intake is little or nothing. If the air flow is exactly what you want, proceed to next step.
  • Fill the vase with enough water by removing the stem from the vase. Make sure the stem is submerged about one inch into the water.
  • Now fill the shish tobacco, it should be filled no higher than the rim of the blow.
  • If you’re using a foil, be sure to wrap it over the head so it fits snugly. You can also use a metal screen to put it over the bowl top. You should make holes on the foil to let the air pass through. Now place the clay bowl carefully on the hookah stem.
  • Light the coals and you’re ready to enjoy your hookah. Now break the hot coals into small pieces and distribute them evenly on all over your head.

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