How to See What Your Audiences Do?

Your audience demographics play an important role to understand your audience, and improve your content according to their desires. Studying your audience is an important part of creating a content that will become a bit with your audiences.

  • See Who’s Watching

Each time you publish content, it creates a different opportunity. Every content has its own percentage of male, and female viewers from respective age groups. You need to tailor your content to a specific niche including gender and age to cater more viewers.

Your new content is an opportunity to attract more females, and younger viewers. In addition of the basics, you need to target a minority audience as well.

  • Viewers Instead of Subscribers

Default demographics show your viewers. This means you can check anyone who stumbled on your content. Yes, you can track other people besides subscribers.

You need to check the box to show only subscriber views to learn who is only viewing your content instead of who literally subscribed to your channel. It shows you the percentage of your targeted audience, and what you lack to reach your current goals.

This information is crucial to plan your future content, and feature a call to action in them.

  • Their Location

If you want to dig deep, and learn about your viewers, you can do that as well. The fact is, viewer location is a key element as your content is catered in a specific language. The major English speaking audiences are present in United Kingdom, United States, and Canada.

But it doesn’t mean you won’t get viewers from any other country. Every region has trends in all niches. This content caters to residents to find interest. If you want a bigger audience, you need to create a content that they will relate to.

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