How Smart Doorbell Can Make Your Life Easier

In addition to notifying that someone has arrived, it can protect homes and offices!

The smart bell can make your daily life much more practical and safe, see? This is because there are models that only make an audible warning to know that someone arrived at the door of your home to those that come with a presence sensor, wi-fi connection and video camera. Want to know more about these bells? Come with me!

Presence sensor

One of the main advantages of many smart bells is that they have a presence sensor, okay? That is, as soon as someone passes in front of the transmitter, which is the part of the device that is outside, the sound is activated in the receiver, which is in the other part of the device and that is installed inside the house.

But it’s important to remember that the sound is from a bell, it’s not like an alarm that goes on and on until it’s deactivated, see? In fact, you can choose different types of ring!

With the presence sensor, it’s much easier to know if someone has arrived and you don’t even have to press any buttons! Therefore, the smart doorbell models that come with this function are also widely used in stores or offices, as it is an easy way to know that someone has entered the place.

It is a very sensitive sensor and may fail to work. Call over experts at Toto to correct any dilemma with your tech devices. 

Video camera and wifi

For those who want to increase the protection of the house, there is a smart bell that comes with wi-fi! That way, it can connect with your smartphone and you know, even without being around, that someone is at the door.

And if this type of equipment has a wi-fi connection, it sends an alert to your cell phone and you can talk to who is at the door. Incredible, right?