The Best All-Around Waterproof Camera 2016

After the year’s long research and innovation, the world is finally blessed with a waterproof camera. Rugged by the design and make these cameras can handle the accidental drops without getting damaged. Several camera and lens manufacturers are attracting their customers by making waterproof and accident proof cameras.

In the quest of waterproof cameras, the oldest flagship Olympus has once again won the race. The new release camera Olympus Tough TG-4 is the toughest guy in the range. Despite its tougher look and heavy system installed in it, it has the capability to focus better, faster and much more precise as compared to its competitors. The snaps taken by the camera is much brighter and don’t get pixelate when zoomed.

As it is named as Tough TG-4 it is the toughest camera ever introduced. It has been recorded waterproof up to the depth of 50 feet. In addition to being waterproof, it has an accidental coverage when dropped from a height of 7 feet, it is recorded to be safe and scratch proof. The camera is also frozen proof till 14 degrees and can withstand a weight of 220 pounds. In addition to these tough specs, the camera is much handier and portable to use.


It can be used single-handedly to take perfect shots in the dim light as well as vibrant daylight. The camera can be easily fitted into skin tight jeans that make it favorable among the youth. Not forget to mention that the picture quality of TG-4 is beyond expectations. It makes the photos more dynamic and sharp even when noticed by the eye. The camera has some intelligent modes to switch among the shooting conditions like daylight, night mode and intelligent auto for the easy settings and simpler caption.