2016 Ford F-150 Review and Price

Ford has finally launched another heavy-duty vehicle with an aluminum bed and body. Driven by powerful V-6 engine the vehicle will soon be a favorite for the customers who demands towing power rather than other parameters. The towing power for Ford F-150 is estimated to be around 12,200 pounds. In addition to the power, the truck possesses a hot bod shape and excellent speed parameters. You can maintain the car in good condition by using a good heating device.



In every full-size pickup, we have always noticed that it is powered by a naturally aspirated V-8 engine. While in Ford has broken the convention and choose to utilize twin turbo V-6 2.7-liter engine in the base model. While the supermodel is ignited using a 3.5 Liter twin-turbo V-6 engine. Both of these engines produces perfect throttle response and are highly economical. The transmission mode is 6-speed auto transmission for both the engine options.


Pickups of such kind were solely adopted for transportation purpose yet these days they are utilized as a luxury vehicle in addition to their prime task. The front seats are heated and cooled by 10-way adjustable methods. There is a leather layering all over the seats. It also includes a power jack providing 110 Volt AC. Spotlights are installed into side mirrors that aid a lot in reversing the vehicle. The vehicle can accelerate for 0-60 in just 63 seconds while it is loaded under capacity with a top speed of 106 mph.


Ford F-150 is assumed to be providing a great mileage due to change in conventional engines. The mileage for the vehicle will be 14-19 mpg.


Ford F-150 is quite expensive in response to the items that it carries and the luxuries added into it. The introductory price for a base model is 27,735 dollars while with every increment either in engine or gadgets you have to pay additional bucks.

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